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Service Packages

Package 1

900,000 VNĐ

Quantity: 1 keyword

Competition: Low

Top 10

3 months

Package 2

1,200,000 VNĐ

Quantity: 1 keyword

Competition: Low

Top 5

3 months 3 tháng

Package 3

1,600,000 VNĐ

Quantity: 1 keyword

Competition: Low

Top 3

3 months

Package 4

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Quantity: 50 - 200 keyword based on your requirements and area


Understanding SEO

Helping you to understand the importance of SEO and create the enterprise’s strategies.


Creating strategy

Helping you to create effective SEO strategies and optimization


Commitment to reach TOP

Putting keyword on TOP, opening to be great cutsomer

Indicators to measure
a successful project


Customer acquisition rate

Number of unique visitors

Website indicators

Why us?

Approaching the right customers

SEO has changed a lot since the early days, and most of the traditional units are still trying to increase your website's traffic without selling.

Synchronizing the business strategy

One does not simply SEO, we also learn about sector’sspecific and your company strategyso that SEO must sync with your business strategies.

Price competition, Commitment to TOP

Based on a new formula for SEO, and customer base, huge forum that we have 8 years of experience and we can help you get the lowest price.

Professional service

Using our service to experience

SEO (search engine optimization) is a method to help your website getting high rankings in the search results, thereby helping thousands of potential customers while searching for products and services visit your website or store.
Modern SEO and
business relationship

Mordern SEO lead customers to your product or store, not lead to articles or blog.

SEO must understand of products, services and business strategy, they are inseparable.

Long term and sustainable success of SEO should come from website presentation and organizing product, store, not come from spam techniques.

The effectiveness of SEO must measure from sales rather than the number of people visit website.


Work flow

Free diagnosis

Diagnosis: content, user experience, on-page, off-page, the health situation of the current SEO, introduction to the keyword / keyword root of branches.

Taking requests

Taking requirements about goal of project. Sharing SEO knowledge to clients demonstrating the SEO relationship in their strategy (If necessary).

Making solution/ Signing contract

Customer consultant to adjust the target (if necessary). Unified solutions. Signing contract.


Action Plan for the content (content), on-page, off-page for a specific time.

Implementation and reports

1-2 weeks prior to re-implantation.


Assessing the level of performance. No payment for these commitments are not implemented. Next plan.

Ms. Thuy Ha
MTV Construction Company.
Our revenues increased significantly after running SEO about construction keywords.
Ms. Kim Na
Kim Tien Car Repair Company
Marketing expenses decreased significantly after using SEO services of Magic Company
Mr. Tien
Sales Manager at WonderWood Company
After using the service, my SEO knowledge improves. Now I can adjust my marketing costs
+ 200
+ 3000
+ 100
300 %
Customer rate increase