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Service Packages

According to budget

15 %

Management fees on the proposed budget total

Advantages: Increased efficiency for long-term projects due to its continuous optimization

How to implement: Customers set a monthly advertising budget, the Magic will optimize ad repeatedly and sent monthly reports

By keyword

300,000 VNĐ/month

For simple words. Cost per keyword

Advantage: Top 3 Google, 24/24. Keeping track of results and costs easily

How to implement: Sending us the keywords you want to run to get a quotation

Based on cost per click (CPC)

1,000 VNĐ/click

For the less competitive sectors

Advantage: Identifying and controlling costs to invite a customer toyour store

How to implement: Sending us the keywords you want to run to get a quotation.


Understanding Google adwords advertising

Understanding how it works, How to measure effectively Google Adwords for business strategy, level of efficient Google Adwords than other ways.


Always appearing in the top of search results.

Appearing in the search results guarantee potential customers visitingyour store or website.


Bringing customers to you

Developed technology erases the distance between customers and suppliers, Magic will help you access to the technology and the latest application to greet customers today.

Indicators to measure
a successful project


Customer conversion rate

The number of potential customers access

The behavioral indicators available

Why us?

Highly optimized capabilities

Long experience with Google and the team of professionals with specialized technology, mathematics, engineering, we constantly offer new ways to optimize big data systemsfrom Google. Showing how your advertising works, we'll share with you what you need to improve.

Low cost

With long experience, the ability to understand the customer to properly target ads, the ability to handle large data of Google

Professional service

Using our service to experience

Approaching the right customers

Not merely Google ads, we also learn about specific sectors and strategies of your companyso that Google ads sync with your business strategies.

Syncing with the business strategy

Not merely Google advertising, we also learn about specific sectors and strategies to promote your company Google to sync with your business strategies.

Putting your website on top of search results, Google AdWords advertising helps you immediately reach potential customers who are searching for products and services to serve their needs.

Work flow

Receiving requests

Receiving requests. Introduction to overview of Google Adwords advertising. Introduction to overview of the customer’s online search needs, the estimated effects from Google Adwords.

Unified Solution

Advising customers on solutions.Unified keywords. Unified budget

Seting up initial advertising

Seting up advertising’s display. Seting up advertising features

Optimize advertising

Based on continuous data is returned by Google. The optimization can help increase time effectively from 2 to 5 times.

Periodic reports

Monthly report. Report on cost, number of clicks, the click rate on the website, the number of conversions (if any).

Mr. Le Khang
New Rural Supplies Joint-Stock Company
After running the advertising, my customer base increase significantly. I no longer have to worry about advertising strategies.
Ms. Oanh Tran
FirstA Web Joint-Stock Company
Thanks to the Google advertising, our company has a stable customer base in the long term and reduces costs.
Mr. Phuc
Almighty Car Joint-stock company
Cheap but very effective advertising. Thanks Magic
+ 200
+ 3000
+ 100
300 %
Customer rate increase