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Business Diagnosis

Website Design



Google Ads


Facebook Ads

Website Improvement

Undiscovered potential

Most companies are not fully equipped with knowledge to exploit enormous potential of customers from online channels such as Google, Facebook in era of purchasing behavior.

Lacking of business knowledge

Most website developers & online marketer are technical specialists, therefore current solutions that are provided are often not consistent with the business strategy and do not really support to increase sales of the enterprise.

Cost optimization

There is a variety of website designing fees. There are many solutions to provide the website for very cheap or even free. However, website is the face of the enterprise and the first impression of customers. It's a huge waste of money for spending on marketing, sales with out website investment for clients' experience to increase conversion rate.

High cost

Most marketing agencies offer aid packages with a very high cost in order to serve large companies that makes medium and small enterprises have difficulties to obtain knowledge and methods. With Magic, we design a specifically system for medium and small enterprises. With this system, enterprises access to immense possibilities of the internet easily.

Journey to acquire customers

Understanding this process can help enterprise to allocate easily resources for each stage and find out current problems that reduce the customer acquisition rate

Receiving requests


Purpose: Increasing the number of customers visit your website and store with the lowest cost.

Influencing factors: intent customer, message transmission, deploying channel.

Store / website

Purpose: increasing the number of customers interact with you,increasing your website conversion rate.

Influencing factors: best user experience (UX), solving customer’s problems,an effective 'call to action' features.


Purpose: closing orders, increasing conversion rate of contacted customer.

Influencing factors: service experience, sales skills.


Business Strategy

All our solutions are directed to a main purpose to gain customers and a ‘through out’ strategy.


Solid Deployment Experience

Based on deployable experience with hundred of customers from large to small, we build a completely knowledge to deploy for all customers.


Dynamic Team

The team members who have succeeded in companies establishment with new technology applications.


Diversified skills

We own different skills to create solution for enterprise varies from advertisment strategy, marketing campaign design, campaign deployment.

Our Customers

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